How to create the right Marketing plan for your blog.

Creating the right marketing plan for your blog can not only save you time, but it can also increase your Adsense revenue, if this is what you are looking to do. The right marketing plan is a MUST if you want to:

  • Get your small business off of the ground
  • Create a plan to increase traffic from more than one social networking site
  • Create more than one blog or website.

Creating the right marketing plan for your blog does not have to be hard. Many bloggers do not think of this small task, although it is important when it comes to your blogs survival online, and its success. The importance of having the RIGHT marketing plan for a small business such as a blog is simple: bloggers and writers can see the growth on of their work even when they can not keep up with it. 

How to create the right marketing plan for your blog.

A very simple way of creating the right marketing plan for your blog is looking at the contents of your blog, and its purpose.

Ask yourself this:

  • Who will my blog help?
  • Who will want to read it?
  • How often can I update it?
  • Will my blog still exist a year from now?
You can create the right marketing plan for your blog in 4 simple steps. 
  1. Do your research and find out just what social networking sites are best for your blog. This is quite important as NOT ALL social networking sites are for every blog/ blogger. For example- you can’t post blog post about medicine, in a car related social networking site. The content of your blog, and the theme of the site you are posting in, has to match. 
  2. Find out just how MANY websites you want to post your articles on. There has to be almost 1000 social networking sites online, and more being created every day. Although writers can find a substantial amount of traffic coming in from each website, in reality, WHO has the time to go through EVERY single website online and check stats, keep up with comments and so on…  Its not impossible, but in my eyes, that is too much work, and that can add up to too many problems. This is why it is important for bloggers to do their research, and decide just which websites are best for them to promote their work, and which will give them the most traffic. 
  3. Make a schedule of WHEN you want to promote your work, and on which websites. Many websites have a policy when it comes to how OFTEN writers can post new links on the site itself. Take the time to read each websites guidelines, and find out just how often you post your work on each website(s). To make the most out of your marketing plan, make sure you put links of your older articles in each NEW article. This is also a great way to increase exposure to older articles, if they are already posted on that website. 
  4. Finally, Keep adjusting your website or blog. You may notice that as your blog keeps growing with more content, and you have more comments to read, you may need to the layout of your blog, or change the hosting service. This can actually be a great thing for your business, if you are looking forward to expanding your business someday. By changing some of the features of your blog, you may see changes in traffic, and how many people actually subscribe to your work every week. 
These are some of the things that bloggers can do to create the right marketing plan for their  business. If this is something you think would help you, or you think you may want to try, do so and let me know how well it works out for you!

How Many Articles Can You Write a Day? How Much Do You Earn From Them?

I‘ve found out that many writers that have stuck to writing for content mills or that have been writing on their own blogs or websites make a fair amount of money a month, not just because they have good traffic, but because they actually write articles left and right..

As important as it is to have a good amount of traffic to your work, it is also important to have work that your audience will love to read, and that they will love to come back to. In many cases, I’ve found that writer that have a lot of traffic, do so because they write an immense amount of articles a week. Whether its from content mills, blogs or their websites, they constantly keep their work fresh. 

I try to write as often as possible, although I gotta say, sometimes I do have the bad habit where I get lazyand I just settle for the money that I have coming in. There are other times however, when I do write like crazy and try to get as many articles done in a week as I can, and slowly but surely see my earnings increase dramatically almost overnight. 

So, in that case: How many articles do you write? and how much money do you get from them? 

This is the question that I get asked continuously and I answer almost on a daily basis. I write as much as I can, even though I try to do at least 10 or more articles a week on both Triond and Hubpages. But then, I write that same amount a day on Helium and this also pays off more than enough each month. So, in reality it all depends on where I write and how much I write. 

The thing with either of these choices is that the residual income will be there. I still earn on a daily basis, and I also try to promote my articles as much as I can every day. So, there is a lot that I do to make sure that I earn more than enough money each month. 

Many writers do not only focus on writing for content mills, but also getting their own private clients, and getting more money as they go along. Before I decided to stick with content mills, I did a lot of work for private clients, and even though most of the time payments were fast and secure, there were a lot of times when I had problems getting paid on time. 

As I continue to work on my writing and expanding my business, I’m also taking on more work and looking for newer places to write and further my experience as a writer. This is actually working out better than I had expected! 

How to Quit Bad Habits. Permanently

Bad habits are just that, things that we have been doing or we are used to doing that we shouldn’t. Many people bite their nails, others have even worse habits like smoking, or drinking. Then there’s procrastination. The worst habit for many, especially writers.

So, how do we get rid of these bad habits? and permanently?

I have the bad habit of leaving all of my important work till the very last minute. This is bad because I have so much work, and usually I can get it done within a day, but then there are times when I stop working and I fall so far behind that I actually do not make my deadlines..

Yep, extremely bad habit.

Lately, I’ve made it my mission to get up before anyone else in the house and get as much work done as possible without stopping. I’ve been doing this for a whole month, and so far I’m noticing very positive results. I’m not only looking to stop this bad habit, but get rid of it completely, since I have so many responsibilities and I feel as if I need to get back on track on things. 

But, How?

Bad habits, are habits that are developed during long periods of time, mostly because we let things slip, or because we just do or let “things happen”. Most of the time, we develop bad habits because we are too busy or we just do not notice all of the small things that are going on around us. 

In order to stop bad habits permanently, we need to be able to see what we are doing, and when things happen. For example: When I wake up in the morning and finish getting ready for a brand new day of work, the first thing that I do is turn on my computer and check my e-mails to see what new assignments I have. This usually takes me about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Then, I start working on the assignments that are due within a day or so, and leave the others that are not due for a week, or less time till later. Right away: BAD!

So now, instead of leaving everything till the last minute. I try to do as many assignments as I can during the day, and later on do some free writing on my blog or on sites such as Helium or Triond when I have time. This actually helps me keep track of everything that I am doing much better, and I am seeing that I am getting more clients, and more money!

In order to stop bad habits permanently, we need to pay close attention to what we are doing, and WHY we do it and just set a goal in our minds to stop doing these things slowly. Bad habits can cause problems in other parts of our lives it we let them. So in order to stop these bad habits, we basically need to make it impossible for us to keep up with these habits every day. 

It is possible for us to quit bad habits permanently, especially if it is for work, or a business. We just need to work on these things, and make sure we keep up with what we have to do!

How Can Social Bookmarking Sites Bring You More Money?

Today, just about any social bookmarking site can be used to bring in more traffic to one’s blog, or website, and increase Adsense Revenue. However, too many writers and bloggers ignore these sites because they do not want to sign up for multiple social networking sites.

Social bookmarking sites are becoming one of the newest and most profitable ways to earn extra money online. How is this possible? you might say, well the science behind this is pretty simple, and to be honest, just about anyone can do it..

When I started to write for sites such as Helium, and here in Triond I did this in hopes of getting a bit of extra cash. While at first it took me a while to make it, I slowly started to research other ways or websites that can give me the right amount of business or earnings that would make me happy. The great thing about the first two sites that I tried, was that it gave me the freedom to write about anything and get me the exposure that I needed for my business as I was building it.

As much as I loved writing for these sites, they were just not giving me the income that I wanted, and I felt as if I was “wasting” my time on them. So I moved on, and started working for other companies and although I didn’t really like the work, they were giving me the money that I needed. 

Later on, I started to do a lot of research and I started to read about how people were making a cutting five and six figure salary Blogging and how many were getting paid hundreds of dollars working for Helium and Triond. Then I really started to read up on marketing strategies and advertising and find out what I was doing wrong: I wasn’t connecting with others properly!

Making small mistakes, and thinking that people are just going to “find me” in a crowd full of writers, is just one of the things that has kept me from reaching my full potential and at the same time, making the money that I wanted to make. After all, who wouldn’t want to make money and work the hours that they want, right?

Well. as I’ve learned in the past, there are hundreds of ways of making money online, and all that people have to do is put themselves out there, and market their services. Doing research on these methods helps people even more when they want to reach a certain goal, because it helps them understand that much more what they should be doing, and what they are doing wrong. One of the methods I’ve grown to love is finding and signing up to as many social bookmarking sites as possible, to tell others or anyone that will pay attention about what I have to offer. 

As I’ve learned making money can be easy, but it needs to be done the right way. 

You can have people search for you online, but it takes time to build a relationship with others and to build a portfolio that others will respect and find interesting. 

Bookmarking sites is just one of the ways that people can reach a broader audience, because it connects writers with other individuals and possibly future clients. Want to know why your profile isn’t making the money that you want, or why its not attracting as many people as it should be? 

All you have to see, is how many people are your friends and how many actually LOOK at the profile. 

As long as the person markets their profile and people click on it, the profile will attract attention and this means more money! Its that simple..

How to Reach Your Audience: Connect with Them on a More Personal Level

Being a writer means that we are able to connect with people in different levels. One of the ways that this can happen is by writing about subjects that have a strong impact on our readers. Another way to connect with our audience is to make sure our articles are conversational pieces, and that they are easy to follow..


A few days ago, I took a long, and hard look at my work, and decided to make a few changes. After reading an article about how writers are making money from befriending their readers, I decided to take a look at my own work, and see if I could change a few of them, and make them more personal. 

Writing is hard work. There is so much that goes into, and the fact that so many writers actually make money from their work is a sign that this is something worth putting time, and energy into it. 
One of the things that I have noticed about all of the articles that many writers publish, is that they have a more personal touch to them. 

In order to connect in a more personal level with your audience you have to:
  1. Stop thinking so much about getting as much detail into your writing, and try to have a more conversational piece. 
  2. Give your readers personal tips from your work, and tell them why they worked for you.
  3. Let your readers know how they can reach you. Letting your readers know that if they have questions they can reach you, can only help your work get even more traffic. 
  4. Encourage your readers to give you ideas for article topics. This can give you a clearer idea on what your readers want to know about.
There are many other ways to increase your popularity online, and to also connect with your readers on a more personal level. 

Tips and Tricks That You Can Use to Help You Cash Out on Adsense on Your First Month!

Cashing out on Adsense for a beginner can be hard, since Adsense has a $100 threshold, and this can be achieved through traffic. The main and most important thing to remember about Adsense is that you can add as many sites to your account as possible, and as long as you get clicks you will make money.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help writers cash out on their first month!

Before you give up your dream of earning money on Adsense, you should know that there are a lot of writers and bloggers that make their living off their own websites and most of their income comes from Google Adsense. making money from Adsense takes time, and it can be tiring, but this does not mean that it is impossible. 

One of the reasons why it takes time to make money on Adsense is because this form of making money only works when you get traffic. Traffic is basically the magic component that can help any writer or make money instantly, but getting the amount of traffic that a website or blog needs to make an income can be hard, and frustrating. 

How it works.

The first thing that any writer or blogger starting out with Adsense whats to know is: “how does Adsense work? Well, the answer to this question is simple to explain, but hard to do. A writer makes money off of Adsense when readers click on the advertisements on their page. Each advertisement cost a certain amount of money, and all depending on what the reader clicks on, the writer makes money. Its that simple. 

Adsense also works with the amount of traffic that writers get to their sites. There have been times when I don’t write but I have so much traffic coming to my sites that even when I do not get clicks on my pages, I still make money. Traffic is one of the most helpful tools that every writer and blogger looks to get when they want to make money with Adsense. But in reality only a few hundred writer, and bloggers put together actually accomplish this, if not less. 

Too many writers get frustrated fast when they do not receive the amount of traffic that they or want from their articles. The reason why so many writers do not get the traffic that they need, is because they simply do not reach their audience like they need to, or get their articles to all of the right social networking sites. 

Since the competition in the freelance world is so fierce, there are a lot of ways to use this to your advantage. One of the best things to do when you want to get traffic to your sites is to visit high traffic networking sites, and learn how other writers are creating a name for themselves. 

It can be hard to compete along so many writers, but it can also be fun, because you can actually meet other writers and get very helpful tips to increase your traffic from a few hundred views a day, to thousands of views a day.

Tips to start earning money on Adsense on your first day. 

One of the mistakes that many writers make when they first sign up to Adsense is that they do so with a clean page. What does this mean? It means that even though they got approved for Adsense, they do not have enough content on their websites or blogs to create even an unsteady amount of traffic to their work. 

When you want to create an immense amount of traffic to any of your websites or blogs you have to have more than one article or post to show your readers when they visit your site. One of the biggest mistakes that many writers make is that they start to write as soon as they get their Adsense accounts. This is not how Adsense works, and I know this because I made this mistake myself. 

I started to really write as soon as my account got approved, and it made it twice as hard for me to cash out because I wasn’t getting the immediate traffic to my articles that I needed.

If a writer wants to cash out in their first month, they first have to have a substantial amount of traffic to their site or blog before they get Adsense. 

When you finally get approved for your Adsense account, then the next thing left to do is to WRITE! Many writers get too comfy having only a couple of blog posts or having a few articles on their websites, and quickly move on to marketing their work. Well, this does help, but writers make a lot more money and faster when they continuously update their work. 

Even though writing can be difficult, new writers should focus on updating their blogs at least three times a day until their blogs or websites start to get more traffic. There is a reason why a few websites and blogs get so much traffic, and it is because well-established writers make it their mission to keep their readers interested every single day by writing at least once or twice a day. This is the part of writing that can get hard, but if you want to make money from home, there is no “easy” way to do it. 

If writers have a few hundred posts on their blogs, and they are ready to make money from their work, then they have to start marketing their work. There are hundreds of articles online that explain just how marketing works, and how writers benefit from all of the traffic that their sites get. However, there are fewer actual articles that explain in detail just how to Market your work the right way. 

In order to get the most amount of traffic to your work, you need to sign up for social networking sites that will give you the attention from other writers that you are looking for. Some great sites include: Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, Delivr, Facebook, Tagfoot and writers forums where writers can comment on other writers articles and submit their links along with their comments. 

It can be hard to get the attention that you need during the first week that you learn how to market, but this shouldn’t let any person stop trying. Marketing is a hard part of any business because people need to make connections and keep their readers interested. In others words, you need to find out what people want to read about when you write. 

As writers, it is very important to remember that this job can be hard, but it can also be amazing if writers stick to their work. 

These are just some of the ways that anyone can use to make sure that they cash out on Adsense within the first month that they work on it. 

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