How many social networks do writers really need?

How many social networks do writers keep up with?

On average, most writers, blogger and freelance writers have the usual Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Linkedin. Other writers even spring for other social networks such as: Reddit and Tumblr. But, here is an interesting question:

How many social networks do writers really need?

Many writers often debate this question because as we all know, as writers we need to create a presence online to promote our businesses. Without the audience or the attention, lets face it, we would not be successful.

So, how many social networks do writers really need?

On my blog post: How to keep that traffic coming! I explain how you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of time on social networks, you just have to learn when you can post on them. This also applies to knowing how many social networks writers might want to have in order to gain popularity online.

The most common mistake that too many writers make when promoting themselves online is that they try to do a lot in a short period of time. They spend too much money, or time getting their names out there, to really pay attention to finding clients on their own.

Want to find a writing client? Ask people if they need a writer, go to job board and apply to jobs.

I find it easier to spend time on one or two social networks rather than spend hours promoting your business on more than five.

Here are some tips:

  • Do not focus too much time on the marketing part of the freelance business, instead focus on actually searching for jobs and increasing your client list.
  • Keep to one or two social networks. Start with Linkedin, Facebook and/or Twitter. Update your status daily at first, maybe even schedule updates daily, and engage your followers in your comments. Ask questions, and show your prospects what work you can do. 
  • As you business grows, focus on referring your clients to your social networks, and ask them to refer others as well. Take a poll on which social networks you have the most followers in and IF you choose to add another social network to your list, AUTOMATICALLY refer your clients to your network. This way your business grows along with your readership. 
  • Do not get overwhelmed with keeping up with more than one social network, and really figure out the Ins and Outs of the networks you are a part of now. Most of the time, writers will only have up to 3 accounts in total, and they are successful. Its not about QUANTITY, its about QUALITY. 
~To your success!