One silly little mistake could ruin all of your marketing efforts.

What is the ONE thing you need to have a successful blog? 

Great blog content, lots of posts, how about an AUDIENCE.

The secret to marketing is having an audience to share your blog with, and for them to share it with others. This is something that EVERY writer wants: a popular blog!

A blog that has thousands of followers, profitable and everyone reads on a daily basis. Well, this can be difficult to have when few people know about your blog. One little mistake can ruin your marketing efforts, and that mistake is not having an audience waiting to receive your next blog post!

Its great that you have hundreds of blog posts, and you keep adding more each week, but how much traffic are you getting? How many clients can reach you? DO clients reach you at all?

Dont let your blog fall through the cracks!

There is no reason why your blog content should have to go unnoticed online. In order to create an audience, you have to go where you know your blog will be appreciated and share it like crazy!

I’m talking about telling people about it left and right. 

Know anyone that needs some writing advice, or anyone that is looking for new blogs to read? Share a link with them! One of the mistakes that many writers make is that they feel like they need to have a certain amount of posts already published before they share their blogs with anyone, or in any website. 

Well, this is not exactly true! 

Honestly, I have been sharing my blog for quite some time now, and at the very beginning I only had about 3 blog posts, and people liked it. Some even shared my blog with others, and so on..

Dont be afraid to share your work! Show that you love it, and you are proud of it.

Many writers create a facebook page for their blogs or businesses, and it’s a great opportunity to share information with hundreds of people at the same time, you can also set up accounts on other social media outlets to give your blog the proper attention. 

Do you have a goal for your blog?

If you have a long-term goal for your blog such as expanding your area of expertise, or creating another extension of it, then let others know about, and share those goals with your audience. 

If you want to establish an audience for your blog, you should have a goal for your blog to keep people interested. For example, if you are looking to add more information about blogging, you should think about adding a free ebook containing information for your audience, and an incentive for more people to come to your blog.

If you dont want to give away a free ebook yet, you can do something else like put away time during the day to have people ask you a question, or give you an idea for your blog. 

The whole point of this is to constantly have eyes on your blog, and slowly build your audience, to make your blog profitable. Many writers make it their mission to make sure this happens as early as two or three months! So, it can be done, you just need to practice!

Keep Your Audience Interested

Ok, so you have a great audience. What are you doing to keep them interested?

One of the problems that can happen to blogs as time passes, is this: People will begin to lose interest. 

Yep, all that time that you spent making people interested in your blog, just to have people lose interest in it… Its not great!

Keeping your audience interested can be difficult, but it can also be fun, if you let it be!

Try giving away something for free, promoting an event or if you are expanding your business, try giving someone a chance to work one-on-one with you at no charge. Not only will this keep the interest of your followers, but it might also bring you more business in the future! 

What do you think? Great Information? Or should I cover more? 

Let me know! Comment

How to keep the traffic coming!

Too often writers think that there is this “secret” to keeping traffic coming to their articles. There really is no secret to making traffic happen, its simply all about having constant presence online, and giving people the information that they need.

If you know all about marketing, then write about it. Give people different scenarios, different topics, and keep your work interested.

Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • Write a journal from the very beginning.  People want to know how you went from beginning to write, to being a successful writer. So, start from the very beginning. The beautiful thing about keeping a blog, is that you can document all of your work. I have posts that I wrote 3 years ago, and those are my most popular posts to date! If you are great at something, tell your story and let people relate to you. This is one of the easiest ways to attract readers, and develop a relationship with them. i.e loyal readers. 
  • Link articles together. If you have a couple of great articles, that also happen to be related to each other, link them together, and share them! If you pay close attention to your stats, your traffic comes from referring readers to your work from links. If your readers find your work interesting, chances are that they will browse through your articles, and try to get as much information as possible. As long as readers already like your work, you might as well keep them interested.
  • Guest posting. This year alone, I have guest posted on at least 10 different blogs, and now I am opening my blog to future guest bloggers. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, since I have had a lot of great success with my career. If you have a niche and you want to get your name out there, guest posting can be your next big project. Not only will you be able to attract some attention but you will also open the possibility getting paid for your services. 
  • Go to where there is traffic. Although I no longer have the time to write on content mills, I find that about 20% of my traffic comes from websites such as Hubpages, Triond and Helium. I love linking my  blog posts to different websites because you never really know where people are going to find you. If you write an article about traffic on a content mill, and you are writing about “how to get traffic to your blog” my only advice is to link those two articles together. These days traffic=money! So, go get that money!
  • Don’t stop working on your blog. It takes time to build a popular blog. Many writers give up before a year goes by when they do not see the numbers that they want. It can be frustrating to see very little results from a lot of hard work, however, freelance writing takes work and time in order to see any real results. Update your blog constantly, and tell people about it. HAVE FUN sharing your work. Ask your readers what they want to read next, and what will help them in the long run. 

5 mistakes writers keep making when marketing their work.

Perhaps you can relate to this.

  1. Number one mistake that many writers keep making is not knowing where they can market their work. Its true. When I started writing for a living, I mainly stuck to social network sites to share my work. Yes, I did get a lot of traffic, but I felt as though I was splitting myself in two when I wanted to look for work. Today there are so many websites where you can look for work, share your work and talk to other writers who are looking for inspiration, help etc.. Social networks are great, but they are not the only place where you can share your work. Try forums, job sites, and even help forums to share your work. It pays to be creative!
  2. Once writers share their work online, they assume that everyone is going to read it. This does not necessarily happen. As we all know marketing your work takes time, effort and patience. You have to make sure your work reaches your targeted audience, or any audience really. If you want your work to be read, you have to go out there are tell people about it. Create a blog/ website and tell your readers when you have published a new post. Leave a link in other writers websites and tell them about your posts. You have to connect with others if you want to create loyal readers. 
  3. Writers do not comment back. Even though it can be impossible to respond to every single comment that you receive on your blog, try! There is nothing worse than commenting on a post and not seeing anything back. You want your readers to know that there is a real person behind your blog. So commenting can be a great way of showing them that!
  4. Not keeping blogs updated. I recently talked to a writer who was shocked to his blog only got a handful of views last month. Like many other writers he was struggling to see the results of all of his hard work. Not knowing if I could be of any help, I took a look at his blog, and to my shock i saw exactly 5 post on it. He said that he did not have the time to update his blog when he needed to look for work. Freelancing is all about finding balance. I have talked about this a lot in the past, and I think its worth mentioning it again. Your blog is the window of opportunity to catch the attention of future clients, readers etc.. So, if you dont want to lose that traffic, keep your work updated!
  5. Writers assume their work is done after they share their work online. If a writers work was done after we finish one job, then we would all be making a lot of money. This is not the case! What happens after we finish writing on our blog, or applying for jobs? We keep going! Freelancing can be a hard business to get into. You constantly have to keep working on your business to see the results. However, it is not impossible. So, once you are done bidding on a job, or applying for a job on a website, unless you get the job, keep going! 

How to create the right Marketing plan for your blog.

Creating the right marketing plan for your blog can not only save you time, but it can also increase your Adsense revenue, if this is what you are looking to do. The right marketing plan is a MUST if you want to:

  • Get your small business off of the ground
  • Create a plan to increase traffic from more than one social networking site
  • Create more than one blog or website.

Creating the right marketing plan for your blog does not have to be hard. Many bloggers do not think of this small task, although it is important when it comes to your blogs survival online, and its success. The importance of having the RIGHT marketing plan for a small business such as a blog is simple: bloggers and writers can see the growth on of their work even when they can not keep up with it. 

How to create the right marketing plan for your blog.

A very simple way of creating the right marketing plan for your blog is looking at the contents of your blog, and its purpose.

Ask yourself this:

  • Who will my blog help?
  • Who will want to read it?
  • How often can I update it?
  • Will my blog still exist a year from now?
You can create the right marketing plan for your blog in 4 simple steps. 
  1. Do your research and find out just what social networking sites are best for your blog. This is quite important as NOT ALL social networking sites are for every blog/ blogger. For example- you can’t post blog post about medicine, in a car related social networking site. The content of your blog, and the theme of the site you are posting in, has to match. 
  2. Find out just how MANY websites you want to post your articles on. There has to be almost 1000 social networking sites online, and more being created every day. Although writers can find a substantial amount of traffic coming in from each website, in reality, WHO has the time to go through EVERY single website online and check stats, keep up with comments and so on…  Its not impossible, but in my eyes, that is too much work, and that can add up to too many problems. This is why it is important for bloggers to do their research, and decide just which websites are best for them to promote their work, and which will give them the most traffic. 
  3. Make a schedule of WHEN you want to promote your work, and on which websites. Many websites have a policy when it comes to how OFTEN writers can post new links on the site itself. Take the time to read each websites guidelines, and find out just how often you post your work on each website(s). To make the most out of your marketing plan, make sure you put links of your older articles in each NEW article. This is also a great way to increase exposure to older articles, if they are already posted on that website. 
  4. Finally, Keep adjusting your website or blog. You may notice that as your blog keeps growing with more content, and you have more comments to read, you may need to the layout of your blog, or change the hosting service. This can actually be a great thing for your business, if you are looking forward to expanding your business someday. By changing some of the features of your blog, you may see changes in traffic, and how many people actually subscribe to your work every week. 
These are some of the things that bloggers can do to create the right marketing plan for their  business. If this is something you think would help you, or you think you may want to try, do so and let me know how well it works out for you!

How Can Social Bookmarking Sites Bring You More Money?

Today, just about any social bookmarking site can be used to bring in more traffic to one’s blog, or website, and increase Adsense Revenue. However, too many writers and bloggers ignore these sites because they do not want to sign up for multiple social networking sites.

Social bookmarking sites are becoming one of the newest and most profitable ways to earn extra money online. How is this possible? you might say, well the science behind this is pretty simple, and to be honest, just about anyone can do it..

When I started to write for sites such as Helium, and here in Triond I did this in hopes of getting a bit of extra cash. While at first it took me a while to make it, I slowly started to research other ways or websites that can give me the right amount of business or earnings that would make me happy. The great thing about the first two sites that I tried, was that it gave me the freedom to write about anything and get me the exposure that I needed for my business as I was building it.

As much as I loved writing for these sites, they were just not giving me the income that I wanted, and I felt as if I was “wasting” my time on them. So I moved on, and started working for other companies and although I didn’t really like the work, they were giving me the money that I needed. 

Later on, I started to do a lot of research and I started to read about how people were making a cutting five and six figure salary Blogging and how many were getting paid hundreds of dollars working for Helium and Triond. Then I really started to read up on marketing strategies and advertising and find out what I was doing wrong: I wasn’t connecting with others properly!

Making small mistakes, and thinking that people are just going to “find me” in a crowd full of writers, is just one of the things that has kept me from reaching my full potential and at the same time, making the money that I wanted to make. After all, who wouldn’t want to make money and work the hours that they want, right?

Well. as I’ve learned in the past, there are hundreds of ways of making money online, and all that people have to do is put themselves out there, and market their services. Doing research on these methods helps people even more when they want to reach a certain goal, because it helps them understand that much more what they should be doing, and what they are doing wrong. One of the methods I’ve grown to love is finding and signing up to as many social bookmarking sites as possible, to tell others or anyone that will pay attention about what I have to offer. 

As I’ve learned making money can be easy, but it needs to be done the right way. 

You can have people search for you online, but it takes time to build a relationship with others and to build a portfolio that others will respect and find interesting. 

Bookmarking sites is just one of the ways that people can reach a broader audience, because it connects writers with other individuals and possibly future clients. Want to know why your profile isn’t making the money that you want, or why its not attracting as many people as it should be? 

All you have to see, is how many people are your friends and how many actually LOOK at the profile. 

As long as the person markets their profile and people click on it, the profile will attract attention and this means more money! Its that simple..