Have you Reached Your Goals this Year?

Hello All!

It has been quite a while since I typed up a post!

I just wanted to give you guys a little update about me and what I’ve been working on for the past several months!

This year so far has been the year of adventures! I have been trying my hardest to follow up on a lot of small goals that I set up for myself, both late last year and at the beginning of this year..

One of the many goals I wanted to accomplish, personally, was to start a new business venture. Something new, that I have never done before, and create an income from it. 

I sort of started it earlier this year. On a previous post- My summer vacation is almost over, I talked about how I started selling clothes on Instagram, through my shop @shyculture and how I was going to go into detail about that business venture a little later. I am happy to say that I DID manage to get that business venture going, and I HAVE started to create a (small) income from it. 

Its far from the income I want to achieve mind you, but my little shop @shyculture, is starting to grow little by little.

RIght now, I have only been selling my own clothes, and have not started buying new materials, yet. But that will change BEFORE the end of this year, 2014.

OK! Time for Updates!!

Since I have been away from my computer for quite some time, and this blog has already started to catch dust, I have decided to start a whole new section on my blog, and dedicate it strictly to New Updates! 

Basically, I have decided to write smaller, but informational blog posts about the newest additions and progress of this blog, and other blogs that I contribute to, and publish them together.

Longer posts, will NOW only be posted once a week (YES! I will post, I promise!), and I will keep you guys informed about changes, and appearances through Twitter!

If you haven’t already Follow Me on Twitter: @jessicaarangel1

I love to hear from my Audience, and I DO respond to comments!

About this Blog…

Well, let me tell you a little bit about this blog…

Even though I have not been on here for a while, I am SO thankful my wonderful readers have actually stuck around.

What is even more wonderful is that this blog continues to thrive. 

Lately, I have been studying the layout of my blog, and I have noticed the HUGE difference in earnings in both Amazon AND my other affiliates, mainly Bluehost and Ebates (I am going to explain this further in an upcoming post).

Amazon has always been a great source of income for me, but lately, Its been treating me a lot better since I started to focus less on advertising the store, and more on Enjoying the products and telling people about them.

NOW, this blog is becoming more of a step-by-step guide for others, because I am trying to keep people up to date on everything that I try. 

Before I started working on this blog, I was a full-time freelance writer, and blogger, for a couple of companies. In fact, if you like, you can Follow me on my other blog- The Writing Gal. This is where I write about Freelancing, How to Blog professionally, and establish your brand as a writer.

So, I think its worthy of a mention!

Thinking back on goals, I have achieved ONE goal I had for this Blog.

Create another source of income from it, and connect it to other business ventures. 

Like I mentioned above, I have been working on another business outside of this blog, and its going well. 

One thing that I am looking forward to doing more of, is posting more updates on this blog about my other ventures.

Its seems to me, people relate more to me, when they see everything I’m doing. So, If you guys want to know more information about my businesses, then I’ll write more about them!

Once again, Dont Forget to Follow my Instagram shop: @shyculture and my PERSONAL account on @jessicaarangel10.

Also, see you on Twitter! 

A Little Monday Motivation- 3 of my Favorite Methods to Create an income (or Increase it!)

Happy Monday!

Happy St Patricks Day!!

I used to hate Mondays, but now I look forward to them because I get to outline my work for the week, and I also get to check out the progress I am making on my blog. 

Last week was a good week for me. A lot happened, my blog got a lot more traffic, and I went into a little bit of detail in my previous blog post: A Month of No Blogging, This is What Happens.

In this post, I explain how affiliates helped me last month, and what I liked about them. 

3 of my personal favorite methods to create income from my blog (or increase it!)

In another previous post: How to create a profitable blog, I explained how to create income from your blog. 

But there are so many ways that this can be achieved. 

At times we may get disappointed because we are not seeing the progress or numbers in either our traffic or our income. So, how can we get some motivation during hard times?

There are 3 methods that I LOVE to use when I want to either grow my income or create another source of income. So, here they are!

1. Working Affiliates Within my Blog Posts.

As a blogger, I KNOW my income is 90% reflective of the traffic to my blog. Basically, if no one visits my blog, I cant create an income. 

I use a variety of affiliates in my blog. As you are able to tell, I also like to blog about them A LOT. What I have noticed since I started blogging for a living, is that people really like to work with an affiliate when they know its popular enough. 

So, I like to take advantage of this and mention the things that I am interested in, through my blog.

Linking affiliates within my blog posts is not only SMART, its also a time saver!

Linking affiliates within my blog posts is smart for a number of reasons. For one, the more I post a link to my posts, the more likely it is that people will purchase the product I am recommending. 

Whenever I mention a product or a service, I make sure I recommend it because I like the product, and I know its worth the mention.

Amazon affiliates has an AMAZING tool, the search box, that lets people search through their site using this widget. I love and use it on every blog I have, therefore, increasing the number of sales. 

If you are using an affiliate make sure that you let people know how its helped you, and why its so popular.

This brings me to number 2.

2. Showing popular products within my posts. 

Whether you are using an already popular affiliate or a new affiliate, your chances of making a profit from that affiliate go up, when your readers know they are not alone in purchasing a product or service from the affiliate link you are offering, or joining a site from your links. 

I like to have links of popular products within my blog posts because honestly, its simpler than searching for the most liked product on any site, or affiliate website. 

Many websites that offer affiliates often show you the most popular or hottest product for the week, or the month. Use that! 

There is nothing better, than having the most popular links given to you already, without having to do any of the work!

3. Finally, Making the posts RELEVANT to the products.

If you really want to increase your income, or create an income from your blog during your first month of blogging, you have to work at it. 

One of the most important things to remember about working with affiliates is that they are constantly changing. 

In order to create a successful profitable blog, your affiliates have to be relevant to your blog. 

As you can see, I try to show as many links to products I use on a daily basis, and help me in my business. Whenever I mention them in blog posts, and attach a link, I try to keep my posts as relevant as possible to the product and make sure I mention them several times through out my post. 

This not only helps my reader understand why the product is so important, but chances are that the person will make more than one purchase from my blog as well. 

Bonus- Less is more.

Here is a bonus MOTIVATION tip for you!

If you are having trouble increasing your income even after you have experimented, tried different blogging styles and done your research, then simply BLOG ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW.

Too many times, I come across many bloggers who have their blogs covered with ads, and affiliate links, but do not really mention them on their posts.

The majority of the time, when it comes to blogging, LESS IS MORE. What does that mean?

You don’t necessarily need to have advertisements all over your blog, for your readers to find your affiliate links. Try to keep all of your links together in one place, to help your readers find your resources. 

My blog has several new pages including A RESOURCE page, where my readers can find all of the affiliates that I run on my blog, and a link where they can sign up to the website if they choose to. 

My resource page has helped me increase my income about 35% in the past 6 months. 

I have all of my affiliates neatly listed- or as much as they can be- through out the page, and It shows my readers the easiest way to sign up through the links. 

I hope this helps you increase your traffic and earnings!

Stay tuned for more tips later this week! 

A Month of No Blogging- This is What happens

Hello All! 

So far, its March, and I KNOW its been a while since I’ve been here. 

I kinda wanted to catch up with my readers and wanted to see what everyone is doing, how are we handling the Daylight Savings time change, and how this is going to affect this Blog, and how its affecting others as well. 

First things first, as you might have noticed, there are a few differences in my blog today. For one, different layout. Two, new colors and three, a new tagline. 

A few people are already wondering: what gives? Well, I kinda was not happy about the (old) layout, and I wanted to try to blend my page together a little bit. 

Whenever I visited my blog, either from my phone or my laptop, I couldn’t help but notice how different it looked every single time. I liked, it was organized and put together, but it did not reflect everything that I wanted this blog to be. 

I’m not going to lie, I do miss the box organization of my blog. You know, how I used to have all of my sections to the right side of my blog organized in small boxes. It was a good idea at the time, but as I’m growing this blog, it seemed to be more BULKY than helpful. That was not good. By any means. 

So, BYE, BYE went THAT layout and now I’m trying another type of layout hoping to not only make my blog seem more inviting, but also Organized without having TOO MUCH on it. 

A few bloggers have also asked me about links to the products listed on the side such as 
The FitBIt, well I happen to REALLY, I mean REALLY like this product, so of course, I wanted to share that with my readers. 

And THANKS to all of the people who liked my blog, that item became a HOT PRODUCT for the month!


Another BIG part of this month BESIDES the new blog layout and everything, is that I have not been able to work as much, however, I have noticed that this blog is up and running better than ever! 

Many people ask: How do you create income from a blog when you don’t work on it everyday?

Well, to be honest, I’m not completely sure. 

Creating a profitable blog, as I have talked before on a blog post before, takes time and effort, and you have to build your audience and give them valuable information as often as possible to create that NEED for that person to keep coming back to your blog. You can read this post right HERE, or click BELOW for another link.
Lets face it, what good is it to have an AMAZING blog, if no one reads it? 

To me, Its kind of like Cooking a great meal, and having NO ONE around to eat it. Except of course for you… and maybe your cat (if you have one). 

You can read that post here: How to create a profitable blog. 

So, what changed for me? Why is my blog working, even though I’m not technically “working” on it every week like I should be?

I like to think I’m doing a few things right.

1. I give my readers ideas on how they can create their own income. 

I’m kind of proud of this, mainly because I know first hand how hard it is to create an income from the comfort of your own home, but also because I know how HARD it can be to make a living from your own BLOG. 

I realized last year, that its great showing bloggers how I created my blog, and profited from it, but its much better when I give them ideas that they can use, to create an income from their own blogs. 

2. I give my readers more OPTIONS. 

As you can tell by now, I have several affiliates on my blog. And they ALL WORK! (YES!!)

One of my biggest movers is of course Amazon Associates, and it has actually become one of my favorite affiliates because of its flexibility. 

I would definitely recommend this affiliate to anyone who has patience, and likes to blog about their experience with making money online. It can be an amazing way to make a buck, if you know what you are doing!

Another Affiliate that I use that is quickly becoming popular is BLUEHOST. I don’t think I need to say more, but just in case you dont know how this beautiful site works, let me give you the short explanation.

Bluehost is THE BEST (in my book) hosting and domain name provider around. You can have unlimited websites, domain names etc.. At ONE LOW PRICE. (applause, applause!)

***The link to Bluehost IS AN AFFILIATE LINK, I will get a small payment from it, but at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! Thanks for the support!***

Like I said, it has been rapidly growing in popularity, not only that BUT many of the people that sign up to the site, do it FROM AFFILIATE links, which means, that if someone signs up to this site from YOUR link, you get paid from that.

I LOVE Amazon Associates because not only can I choose what products to recommend, but I can also choose how I present them to people. 

The beauty with this affiliate program is that it gives you SO MANY choices for recommending, or promoting any product or link. 

Single Product Links.

In the Spotlight!
As you might have noticed, I have a “ON THE SPOTLIGHT” product link on the right side of my blog. This has been a HUGE source of income for me. You don’t need to have hundreds of products for you to make a profit, if you recommend ONE product, and you REALLY love it, then recommend it. Flaunt it, show it off. 

People will invest in something a lot more often when they know that it comes highly recommended. 

The Amazon Search Box
I like to call this the little “magic box” because its wonderful!

I love this specific feature of Amazon because it allows people to search on amazon and I earn a small commission from that! 

I don’t have to tell people anything, they simply search for what they want and shop away! My earnings have increased because of this trick. 

I personally like to keep this widget on the top right corner of my blog, so that people can see it right away. 

So, what does all of this say about my blog?

Its working! Yes!

I appreciate that more people are coming to my blog, and keep coming back! 

This has not always been an easy thing to do. It took me quite a while to establish a presence online, and keep it.

In future posts, I’ll explain how I have grown my traffic from 10 views a week, to a thousand views a day! 

so, stay tuned!!

New Google+ Page Means More Traffic!

Hello All!

Happy Monday! And February is HERE!!

This year is going by waay too fast!

Ok, a little update about this blog.. I officially changed my Google+ page. You can now find a link to this blog and many others on my new Google+ page. It took me a while to get it together, because I have been working on 3 NEW projects, not to mention a NEW idea for a book..

I will let you know about one of my new ideas as soon as I’ve got more information for you..

In general, this year (a whole months worth) has been pretty amazing. I have been able to accomplish one goal, and slowly coming close to accomplishing my second goal, and its ONLY February! So, I am pretty excited. 

Check out my list of Goals I want to accomplish this year! 

One of the things that I wanted to work on is establishing a presence online for my blogs. 

Every blogger knows that when you have more than one blog, things can get a little confusing, if not complicated. 

After doing much research, I have come to realize just how unbelievably important it is to properly set up a Google+ page for your blog or website, ESPECIALLY if you do what I do, and that is- Create an income straight from your blog. 

This weekend, I updated all of my social networks, and I linked this blog (my main blog) to all of my websites and work. So, people no longer have to search for, and Google my name. Now, its automatic. 

Needless to say, my traffic is now out of control. 

By the way- Thank you so much for stopping by!! I appreciate you!

Your Google+ Profile and Page

It is UNBELIEVABLY easy to create or update your Google+ profile. This is a GOLDMINE for traffic, especially if you want to increase your sales. 

One of the first things that I did was update my Current work as this Blog, and other blogs that I am also contributing to. This has not only been a key to my traffic, but it has also increased my traffic to my other blogs. 

My Bio and tagline is also different. Many people leave this blank, but I wanted people to know a little bit more about me. 

My picture is staying the same for now, but I am currently working on taking more pictures and picking out at least one new one for both my blog and social networks. 

The results from your hard work. 

Like I mentioned before, setting up my Google+ page for my blog has given me more traffic. Why? Because I put all my business information directly on my page, helping my work get searched more and indexed faster. 

The one thing I have learned about getting more traffic to my blog is “the more traffic my blog gets, the faster I get Indexed”. Its simple, but it takes a lot of time and strategy. 

Google+ is not only convenient, but its also quite necessary, especially if you want to take your business seriously. 

If you are a freelance writer, or trying to be, updating your Google+ page can help you get indexed in search engines faster, and get attention faster.

If you offer a service, or services, Updating your Google+ profile can also help you display your business and create a path for prospects to contact you. 

A tip when you update your Profile!

While there are several things that you can do to create a better looking profile, these are some of the things that have helped me improve my traffic and Google ranking.

  1. update your About info and Tagline– let people know who you are, and if you dont have a tagline, put up one of your favorite quotes. It doesnt always have to be about work.
  2. Update your “contribute to” section. This is generally a blog or website that you write for, e.i your blog. But if you contribute to writing websites, or are a guest blogger, put it on there. This gives you more control of where you want to send your readers to. 
  3. Mention your Blog or website on your “About me” section. I mentioned this section in number 1, but there is another thing that you can do. Link your blog or website to this section of your Google+ profile. The very first thing that people read about is your About me section. Make it easier to send your audience to your work, and link your blog to this section. Talk about a time SAVER!
  4. Finally! Update your work. If now you have several new blogs, or you are focused on more than one business, then update your work. You can update the amount of links, and the type of links you have shared, and “Liked” on your Google+ profile. Simply go to the main page of your profile and click on “1’s”. This takes you directly to all of your links. You can update as you wish from there. 
I hope this helps you in some way. Let me know how it worked for you!

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I Got Paid Today- So Why Am I Not Happy?

Hello All!

Happy Friday!

As you can tell, this is going to be quite a different blog post than usual!

Technically, I did not get paid today, per say, I got paid Yesterday. 
So, If I got paid (and just in time for the weekend mind you!), why am I not happy today?
Well, in general I am happy with having success this month. Not many people can say that they are making money from their blog, so in a way, I not only feel happy, but also very lucky. 

HOWEVER! And this is a very big BUT, in a way. 

I don’t feel happy, or as happy as I should feel because I wasn’t aware that I would be getting paid from this particular source.. Until today.
I love making money online, and trying new things, but up until recently, I have been seeing a real turn around with all of my affiliating links, especially those I signed up for Years ago. One of them being E-junkie. 

Let me break it down for you a bit. 

It is no secret that I run several affiliate links on my blog. Its one of the many things I love about blogging the most. That and the freedom to tell people all of my experiences blogging. 

I signed up for E-junkie about two years ago, as an experiment. Mainly, because I had NO IDEA what I was doing, and secondly because It was one of the very first affiliates that I had heard so much about. Later came Amazon, and much later came Bluehost and Adsense. 

Up until Yesterday I realized I have never made a dime from this site until this month. 

So, this is where I’m a little disappointed and happy at the same time.

Now, I’m asking myself this question- What did I do differently this month, that I have not done in the past, for me to make money from this site?
While I am happy that I made a small amount of pocket change from E-junkie, I want to know what I did to make that money, and make sure I keep making money in the future, and learn how to grow my investment.

The Change, Design and Domain
It hasn’t taken me long to figure out that the layout, and the design change in my blog has a lot to do with the recent spike in my traffic, e-mails and now apparently my earnings.

I added more information ABOUT ME, My Blog, and now my Resources page, that helps me direct my readers’ attention to where they can find the information they want for their own business. 

Has this helped me increase my income? I like to think so!

It’s more than just a simple design that’s helped me attract more visitors and increase my income, its also the new Domain name, and the change in my blog.

I recently purchased a new domain name for this blog, and it has helped change the way I blog in general. 

This blog is no longer called: Beyond Words, it is now called-
 The Beyond Words Blog.

Slight difference, and yet it’s given me quite the turn around in my traffic. 

If anyone wants to change their domain name, transfer or buy a new name, please use Bluehost. I cant emphasize how easy it is to use this service. 

You can then, design your blog your way, and create the appearance you want. 

Lastly, I changed the design of the blog itself. 

Before this design, my blog itself was more business than anything. This would have been great, except for the small problem that I already have a business blog, and It felt like It was unclear as to what blog was for what business. 

Basically, I had two blogs for the same topic. 

This would have been great, except like I mentioned above, it was very confusing!

Not just for me, but for my READERS. And that, was not good. 

You could see the confusion everywhere- my traffic, my comments, earnings.. 
Now that everything is clearer, and direct, I was surprised to see a new payment yesterday, but I’m a little bit upset that I did not that that affiliate more seriously in earlier. 

Now, I’m not only going to work on my blog, but really dive into affiliate marketing!

Stay tuned for more!

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New Blog Idea- Is It a Good Idea?

Hello All!

I cant believe it’s almost February! 

This month has been a lot of fun, and It’s given me some time to think about everything I want to achieve this year. 

I have so many plans, and so many ideas for future projects, I really think this year is going to be completely from last year. 

Last year, I published a lot of posts about how to be a freelance writer, what it takes to succeed, but I felt like I completely left out how I prepared for the freelancing business, and what I personally did to land so many jobs. 

This year, I have a goal to write more about my personal experiences, and give you an insight of how I run my business.

This is going to be completely different, and very new to me. 

This new approach to my blog, brings up one of my ideas on how to expand this blog, and even add to my freelancing career. 

I have been toying with the idea, of “starting” a new blog. 

If you caught the “quote unquote” starting, is because I already have the blog, I’m just not sure about what I will be posting on there. 

Let me explain. 

Before I started blogging for a profit back in 2011, I was actually a full-time freelance writer. I set up my blog/ website and my goal, back then was to write about different subjects in order to grow my online portfolio. 

This worked out AMAZING for me, until I decided to take my blogging work more seriously, and create a profitable blog. 

At first I thought- Oh darn, HUGE pay cut! But, incredibly enough, It wasn’t a pay cut, it was actually a big step, that turned into a BIG profit. 

Since then, I have been a full-time blogger, making money online, and now that I have this blog, I’m wondering- Is it time to start OR re-examine an older blog?

Here are some of my concerns about having another blog:

Will I be able to keep up with another blog?

What will my content be?

Am I going to have to set up separate social networks for this new blog?

Will I attract any readers?

With so many questions and doubts going through my head, all I can is try. 

If you are anything like me, then this part can be kind of scary, but then again, it is necessary if you want to find out if your idea is “good enough” to create another form of income.

And, that’s another BIG question mark I have right now, HOW will I be able to create an income from this new site? Am I going to have affiliates, a new book or writing clients again?

For those of you who don’t know, I used to be a full-time freelance writer. Now, I’ve become more like an occasional freelancer ever since I’ve started blogging for profit. 

I know what it’s like to try new things and struggle. Been there, done that.

However, now I’m more prepared, and I know more. But the question still stands- Will I be able to keep up with it? And If I can, what am I going to be offering?

As of right now, I’m just playing around with the idea, trying to decide if the new blog is going to work out or not…

If you would like to check out the new blog, please do so HERE. 

Let me know what you think. 

Do you love it? Hate it? Is it good enough? Would you go for it? 

I would love some advice!

5 Ways to Get Indexed By Google Faster

I have written several posts about how to get more traffic to your site, how to get clients interested in your work, and how to ask your clients for a raise.

You can read all of it here:

Turn Your Readers into Your Next Clients

Where Do you Find High-Paying Clients.

One of the most important things that can help all of the above, and even help you in the future, is knowing how to get your blog indexed by Google faster.

Getting Indexed by Google means that your blog will show up first on the search results whenever you type in your blog name on Google’s search engine.

This process can take some time, seeing how often Google changes its system, but there are definitely some fool-proof ways of making sure you get Indexed by Google as you are working on your Blog.

First things first- Make sure your blog is not so much perfect, but view-able. Make sure your blog is ready to be seen by the public. If you do not like the way your blog looks, chances are that your audience wont either. It’s OK if you constantly update your blog, but make sure that when your audience looks at your blog, its easy to navigate, and your readers can easily contact you. 

Once you have fixed your blog properly, you can start working on it!

1. Have plenty of reading material. 

One of the easiest things that any blogger can do to get their blogs Indexed faster, is have plenty of posts published. If you constantly update your blog, Google makes it important. Blogs that are inactive, are often forgotten and left behind. So, update your blog as often as you can, and give it importance.

2. Link your blog to established sites. 

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, this is something that not every blogger will do but it works amazingly well, and fast. When you link your blog to a site that is already established, you basically take your blog into the spotlight. It also provides a Link back to your blog, which can provide a lot of traffic to your site. The more traffic your blog receives, the faster Google will Index it!

This brings me to number 3. 

Search your own work. I’m not kidding! I have searched for my blog a few times now, only to find out how fast my blog comes up, and the more I do it, the faster I find out. Search your own blog, and your work. Let others know how easy they can come across your work. 

4. Post and post often. 

This goes along number one, because it is very important. If you want to get indexed by Google faster, and create an income from it,  then you have to be able to work on your blog often, and take your work seriously.

You can read all about that process about How to Create A Profitable Blog here

Blogs that are updated frequently, are given more importance than those who are left behind gathering dust. If you are blogger, hoping to create an income from your work, then make sure you are getting your name out there. 

Find out How to Find High Paying Clients here!

5. Last but not least- Create a social marketing schedule. 

Creating a social marketing schedule works for two reasons:

  1. It keeps your sharing constant, and it allows your readers to know when you are going to post new material every week.
  2. It helps your work be shared simultaneously on multiple sites with more ease.  
I share my work the days I post, which gives me plenty of time to create a schedule for marketing. The more  I post, the more my work is shared. When your work is shared, and liked online, Google gives it importance. You want your work to be LIKED online, its the whole reason why you write! So, don’t be shy and get your work out there!

Many social media sites have tools to help you schedule your work online, so you do not have to glued to your computer everyday, if you are doing this part-time, or if you have other clients to work with. It can also be a great way to stay ahead of your work, if you have deadlines to meet, or if you want to grow your business!
Get your shopping done here!

How To Find the Right Guest Blogging Opportunities

If you have ever wanted to do a guest blog spot, then you need to read this post! 

Guest blogging for many writers is a hard job to get. 

For starters, you have to find a writer who is willing to give you a chance at showing off your writing skills on their blog. Then, you have to kick ass on your post, to be considered for another guest blogging occasion. 

Guest blogging can be an amazing opportunity for writers to not only show off their skills, but also get their names out there, and be featured on a much popular blog. 

It takes some skill to be considered as a guest blogger, although many writers seem to land opportunities left and right. 

So, here are some tips to help you score an amazing guest blogging opportunity:
  1. Find out what writers are looking for guest bloggers. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of writers, who are looking to keep up with their blogs, they just do not have time. So, instead of leaving their blogs behind, they search for guest bloggers. This is where your skills come in. Ask around, and do not be afraid of showing off your writing skills. They will come in handy
  2. Keep up with your own blog. One of the many mistakes that writers make is that they do not bother keeping up with their blogs. If you want to be considered for a guest blog opportunity, it helps to have updated blog posts on your blog. That way other writers can see your most recent work. 
  3. Find blogs where you feel you would SHINE. If you want to be a guest blogger, find blogs that share the topics that you want to write about. If you feel adventurous, then find blogs where you think you can research the topics, or learn about them. 
  4. Grow your portfolio, and promote the hell out of it. If you are dead serious about doing one, two or several guest blogging opportunities, then promote that idea. The best way to get something, if you go out there and LOOK for it. Many writers think that they have to wait until someone finds them.. Yeah, it happens for sure, but its not the only way that, this can happen. If you haven’t been able to find the right writing gigs, and you do not have enough examples of your work in your portfolio, then you can always use your blog as an example of your work. It works, I’ve used it!
  5. Lastly, ask for references. If one freelancer is not interested in having you guest blog, just ask for references. Ask writers you know if they would be interested in having you do a guest blog post in their blog. If they say no, ask if they know anyone who would be. Its simple, direct and to the point. 
Master the art of guest blogging

Now that you have (hopefully) landed one or two guest blogging opportunities, now master this skill to grow your audience. 

As easy -or hard- as it was to get that one opportunity, it can also be easy to let other opportunities slip through your fingers. 

Once you have landed that opportunity, now its time to master this art. 

It can be pretty awesome knowing that you have a lot of these opportunities waiting for you. The greatest part of this is knowing that your work is improving, and you are getting more recognition. 
  • Keep up with your blog. Do not let your blog fall apart, maybe even spice it up a bit. Once your name is “out there”, you can easily create the right image, or a horrible one. I mean, its great that you were able to be featured on someone else’s blog, but what about your own? Are you keeping up with it? You should. 
  • Brag about your accomplishment. If you did a great job on your guest blogging gig, then tell your audience about it, and even mention it on your site. Ask for a small Praise from the author of the blog. This can only make you better, and give you more exposure
  • Hone your writing skills. Do you write about a specific niche? Are you willing to learn other areas of writing? If you only write about blogging or freelance writing, then you might want to consider expanding your topics a bit. The freelance business is constantly growing. There is no other way of creating more income if you do not learn other areas of freelancing. I know writers that have several skills under their belt, and others that do OK, with only a few. The more you learn, the more you earn!
  • Do more research on future writing gigs. If it took you a while to get this one guest blogging gig, then do more research for the next time. If your goal is to do at least 2 guest blogging appearances a week, or a month, then you have to do a lot more work. The best part about being able to land this gig is knowing that you are getting more exposure, but it takes time, and you also need to learn what blogs will be asking for more writers, and when. What topics are hot right now, and who is asking for them. 
To your success! 

Blogging tip #2: How to keep your content fresh DAILY.

Do you have trouble coming up with new content for your blog?

I have found it difficult to provide fresh, new content for my blog every week. One of the biggest problems I have found with keeping my content fresh, is having to give NEW information while not repeating myself very much.

On my previous post:

blogging tip #1: Why blogging is essential for your business. 

I explain why blogging is essential for growing a business. I also explain why writers need to keep up with their blogs daily, to help them reach and increase readership for their blog.

There is only one problem: It can be hard to come up with fresh new content everyday.

Many writers ask me: How do you come up with FRESH new content for your blog every day? My answer? I dont. I try as hard as I can to come up with new ideas that writers may or not may not have talked about before. But, lets face it, every blogger is doing the same thing. So, instead, I try to write about things that I come across everyday, and answer questions that I have about the freelance business.

It can be hard to come up with fresh new content for every week, let alone EVERY single day. But, it’s not impossible.

Before I start working on my blog posts for the week, I write down as many ideas as I can come up with in the beginning. I write down comments I remember from my blog, questions I have about the freelance business, questions I have about my own business. The list goes on and on.

Lately, it seems as if I have a lot of questions about this business, and so do other writers. My NEXT few posts will be all about how to write blog posts that any business owner can use to increase sales. It really does not matter what business you are in, as long as you work towards your goals.

Keeping my content fresh DAILY can be difficult because I have to find the time to write, research and get my point across through my blog, but that’s what is so great about being a writer, you alone can determine what you want to put on your blog posts, how many posts you want to write about a specific subject, and HOW you want to get your point across.

Keeping your content fresh daily does not have to be hard. You can do a lot of things to make sure you have plenty of content for your blog, and keep your readers interested.

  • Break down your ideas into two or more blog posts. Do NOT make the mistake of writing half of a blog post without getting your point across. Simply break down topics, which you know will be long blog posts and create a 3-part blog post. This can be a GREAT way to bring in new readers, and create momentum for your blog!
  • Answer questions from your readers, OR answer your own questions! Do you know absolutely everything there is to know about the freelance business? If you have ANY questions about the business, it is VERY likely that other writers will have the same questions as well. So, go on, do your research and answer those questions in your blog! I found this to be a great way to not only bring in more traffic to my blog BUT bring in more clients as well.
  • What’s new with your business? On a daily basis, I receive 5 plus emails from readers, writers and marketers who ask me about my business, and  ask me to give them tips on how to create an income online. So, instead of emailing them separately, I keep my readers informed through my blog about my daily adventures as a writer. Think of it as a journal-like experience for my blog. I talk about marketing, why and how I chose a certain marketing plan for my business, basically letting people read how I conduct business on a daily basis, without getting into the boring details of freelancing. Keep it interesting!
  • Do you ever have a crazy idea for a business concept? Or have an idea of how you would like to expand your business? Share that idea on your blog! Let others know what you are thinking about, and increase your business along the way. Too many times, writers are often stuck on ideas such as: how to create a brand online. How to promote their work, or move on from content mills. The bad part about this is that they do not think anyone is interesting in hearing about this, so they search for ideas. Well, this is part of the freelance business. Create a blog post about your struggle, and let other writers help you with your business. Not only will you LEARN about the business, but you will be able to help others that may have the same problems you are having.

I hope this blog post did the trick, stay tuned for the next post!
~To your success!

Blogging 101: Why blogging is essential to your business

It has been a while since I have talked about blogging in general, as in how to get into it, and how to get the
most out.

In the past, I have mentioned How to get the most out of your blog, and how to get the most out of blogging for your business.

You can read the articles here:

Blogging tip#1: How to create a blog worth subscribing to. 

and How to create the right marketing plan for your blog.

I have talked a lot about how to keep your business afloat, and how to create loyal readers and hopefully, get one or two clients along the way.

Blogging is ESSENTIAL for any business online. It’s a way to not only attract new customers and readers, but also create a constant presence online, and help your business take off.

Too many times, I have heard how so many writers take too much time concentrating on creating some sort of income writing for multiple websites online. Once upon a time, I was a content mill writer, however, there came a point in my freelance career, where I had to find the time to keep up with my blog. I still received traffic, but I was not attracting clients as I had hoped.

One of the biggest mistakes that too many writers make is that they neglect their blogs, and focus on writing on other websites where HUNDREDS of other writers write. Although they may be making money, at least for the time being, they are not getting the proper attention that they should online.

Blogging is essential for your business, because it is a way to put attention on you, your work, your brand and most importantly your business concept. If you are a freelance writer, then you focus on attracting the attention of clients that are looking for a writer in your niche, or those that might be interested in your work. If you are a freelance coach, then you can focus on finding clients that need help, and show them through your work, just how much you know, and why is that you are the best coach there is.

There is so much to know about blogging, too much really, and things are constantly changing.

Too many writers feel the need to jump from content mill to content mill looking for the next “big” company to pay them, that they do not focus on setting up a constant presence in their blog to have a place where anyone can search for them.

Having a blog is not only essential for a business, but it is a way for people to expand their writing horizons and explore what else they can do online. Many writers start out as niche writers, and slowly move through other business ventures such as coaching, website developing etc.. Blogging about your business, and keeping a presence online through your blog will help readers and prospects understand your work, and see how much you have grown in this business.

~To your success!