I am amazed at the freelancing possibilities.

Not too long ago, I was asked If I would ever considered selling my blog. Even though I do want to expand my writing career, and work on building other blog ideas, selling my blog is just not a possibility for me right now. I love my blog, its my baby!

I am amazed at the freelancing possibilities this year. There are so many ways in which writers can be successful, that it makes me wonder: what’s next for the freelance business?

One of the many things that I thought would never happen this year, I mentioned above, is that I was asked if  I would ever consider selling my blog. My answer was: NO. At least not for a good while. Although the idea that my blog is interesting, and other people like it is flattering, I am not quite ready to say goodbye to my blog just yet.

You see, this blog was my very first freelance blog EVER. I am quite attached to it. I found my first freelance clients through this blog, and it has brought me a lot of attention since I started to write. This very blog was also the one that helped me make money through Adsense, and although I no longer use Adsense on this blog, I still make money from other sources. So, the idea that I may have to part with it, makes me sad.

When I first heard of the offer to sell my blog, to be honest, I was skeptical and the very first thought that came to my head was: Yeah, right! When I was actually given the option, something came over me that made me very uneasy. The offer itself was legitimate, but I felt as though my time writing on this blog, was not done just yet.

There are many writers who still believe that it can be hard, if not impossible to actually make a living as a freelance writer. Well, I don’t know about impossible, but it can be difficult, at first. There is no “secret” to how a person can make $5000 a month by blogging, or how many writers make $10+ thousand a month selling their books online. There isn’t. The difference between those writers, and writers who are barely making ends meet, or struggling to find their next freelance gig is that they try, and they do not stop trying until they find their next job.

I often find myself wondering how is it that new writers or writers who are trying to expand their freelance business have such a hard time getting more clients? Are they not looking enough? Is there a shortage of jobs, and I’m just not aware of it?

To be honest, I have not had to apply for a job in a while. The majority of my clients have been with me since the beginning of my freelance career, and others have reached me through my blog, or other profiles that I have on content mills. Sometimes I think I did get ‘lucky”, in a way. But, then when I actually look for a job, any job, I find myself looking at hundreds of job opportunities, sometimes perhaps even thousands in a single website, and I wonder: are writers picky?

To be honest, I am particularly picky these days, since I have been working more on my side projects, and another business on the side, but nevertheless, there are a few jobs out there that catch my attention.

The possibilities are out there, and it seems to me that everyday, they are just growing by the minute! Its just about knowing how to search for them!

If you want to get more traffic, OR tips on WHERE to search for jobs, please contact me today!

To your success!